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The Family Room
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A Nurtury for Parents and Families 
We are a safe haven offering support and therapy for Mothers and Fathers.
Couples and Co-parents. Children and Families. 


I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who trained at Columbia University School of Social Work. I have practiced in a multitude of inpatient and outpatient programs, including Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Mount Sinai Hospital New York—with a particular focus on parents, children, families and women's issues. 


With 25 years of experience counseling women, couples, families, new parents, mothers, and children, I have a deep passion for the well-being of families and in healing the lineages we carry from childhood through adulthood and beyond.

My extensive training and life experiences, as a mother and wife, allow me to approach the process using a therapeutic and interactive framework that forges deeper, more meaningful connections with clients. 


Together, through mindfulness, cognitive behavioral techniques and practical strategies, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of self, foster a growing sense of tranquility, reduce damaging thoughts and behaviors, and experience an overall improvement in self & relationships, paving the way toward a life rich with joy, presence and gratitude!

Meet Ronnie


The Family Room is a unique psychotherapy practice, focusing on the challenges of parenting, marriage & family life ~ and speaking truth to fear, doubt, uncertainty, pain, and frustration. 


Twenty years in the making, founded by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mother, and wife Veronica (Ronnie) Vehemente, fueled by a history in child development, maternal mental health, and a long standing therapeutic Mommy & Me program at LA's beloved Pump Station, The Family Room is for real people, in real life. 


Our safe and tranquil environment allows you to explore feelings and behaviors without bias or judgement. Here, you can let go of your defenses and work toward understanding, acceptance, and healing. 

Therapy Offerings

  • Reproductive & Perinatal Mental Health

  • Infertility, pregnancy loss, birth loss, birth trauma

  • Pregnancy or Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, OCD & PTSD

  • Parenting

  • Children & Adolescents

  • Family Life

  • Life Transitions

  • Trauma

  • Grief



Please join us for one of our safe and discreet Group Gatherings, a deep and connected one-on-one session, or time together working as a couple or family. Every step of the way, we guide you with respect, care, empathy, and the practical skills  to live a life more fulfilling and joyful.  



Children, Adolescents, Adults

$250 ~ 50 minute session

Group Gatherings

Pregnancy, Postpartum Challenges, New Mommies, Parents of children of all ages ~from infancy to college  (groups consist of parents with children similar in age)

Fees determined by group size and duration of meeting time

Couples & Families

Dating, Marriage, Separation, Divorce, Parenting

$300 ~ 60 minute session



“I love Ronnie! Who I am as a mother is a direct result of the guidance, coaching and support I’ve received from Ronnie.  I started seeing Ronnie with a mommy and me group almost four years ago.  Our group became so bonded with both Ronnie and one another that we still meet to this day to seek her advice and expertise.  She is absolutely the best.”

—  Leah J


ADDRESS: 3233 Donald Douglas Loop South 

Suite B 

Santa Monica, CA 90405

TEL: 310-364-4688  |

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© 2020 by The Family Room

Veronica Vehemente

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS 23804)

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